Tinos Activities

Tinos Activities

What to Do in Tinos

Enchanting hillside villages, a well-organized network of footpaths and landscapes, feelings and flavours that evoke old-world nostalgia. And when you’ve embraced them all, hands on deck for the exquisite ancient mystery of Delos and the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Mykonos. Find out what to do in Tinos with the help of the Concierge team of Aura Villas Tinos.

Day Cruises to Nearby Islands

Archaeology enthusiasts and cosmopolitan cravers invited on a cruise to discover the mythical glow of Delos island and the worldly pleasures of Mykonos. Let the travel specialists of Aura Villas Tinos curate an incredible summer adventure for you with a private day cruise to unveil the history, beauty, and sparkle of the Aegean living.

Hike Tinos’ Paths

Fall in love with the beauty of the Tinian hills. Set out on an adventure on foot and follow in the footsteps of pilgrims and nature lovers, who’ve zigzagged the hiking trails of Tinos leading to sleepy villages, dovecotes, abandoned chapels and wild beaches… The renowned paths of Tinos await.

Explore Local Culture

Whether strolling whitewashed lanes or having a coffee break under the shade of a plane tree, the villages of Tinos offer a peek into the slow rhythms of local life. Visit artisan shops selling local specialities, such as the delicious Tinian artichokes or the island’s wine, cheese and honey, and get a handmade object of marble art for someone special.