Tinos Highlights
A Trove of Heritage

Tinos Highlights

The Best of Tinos

Unlock the best of Tinos island with a thirst for inspiration and beauty. Abandoned chapels and old monasteries, a land rich in marble and heritage, folk culture for the most nostalgic of the nostalgics. Tinos unveils its highlights!

Churches And Monasteries

An island of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians, Tinos’s symbol is the celebrated church of Panagia Evangelistria in Tinos Chora. Equally important are the 17th-century monastery of Holy Trinity and the Convent of Kechrovouni, perched on the island’s highest mountain. Don’t miss the monastery of the Sacred Heart in Exomvourgo village, the most significant Catholic site of Tinos.

Marble and Arts

Discover the secrets of a land covered in marble. The famous marble quarries of Tinos, the archaeological museum and the museums of marble craft and Tinian artists offer fascinating insights into the island’s rich heritage which lives on until today. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the tiny, yet beautiful, museum dedicated to Tinos’s legendary marble artist, Giannoulis Chalepas.

The Villages of Tinos

Picture-perfect, slow and authentic; experience the villages of Tinos. From Pyrgos, notable for its rich marble tradition, and Volax with its peculiar rocky surroundings, to the gorgeous sea views enjoyed from Kardiani and Isternia, beauty resides everywhere. And of course, don’t miss spotting the eye-arresting dovecotes, the most iconic element of local architecture.